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I am eternally grateful of you and everyone at Villa Russo. I have been so sad since my grandma passed and I never thought I would be happy. I tried to put a brave face and just go with it because we had invested so much. But yesterday when I saw the place and the experience of all the staff and service it blew my mind away. You guys made me so happy. I cried when I saw how beautiful the place was. In my opinion it demonstrated so much love and care. It touched me deeply. Jose was so helpful and I met George Russo and he is soo sweet! Oh Betsy the staff was so accommodating. How did you guys fall on our laps? I never thought for my wedding I would be treated so well! Above all, you have been the best and so reassuring. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. You are the best Betsy and I am so grateful to have met you and work with you. Not once in our meetings did I feel like "agh I gave to deal with the venue". Me and Tim thought and still think you are an angel.

~ Rosa & Tim ~
May 27, 2015

Thank you so much for making this day extra special. Your staff was amazing. Food and drinks absolutely wonderful. Also would like to add that the office staff was great and very helpful. Will definitely come back for another party.

~ Mario & Christina ~
May 26, 2015

I just recently had my wedding reception at Villa Russo in the Palace on April 27th and I can not express enough how smooth, seamless the entire night went.

Our Maitre'D was Destiny. She was patient, efficient, and professional she never once seemed flustered or overwhelmed she handled every obstacle with such grace and knowledge she is beyond her years!

I worked with Betsy to coordinate my wedding and again it was the same level of professionalism but over all kindness we felt with her through every interaction.

The staff at Villa Russo are above anything else I can compare and I'm so glad I entrusted them with my wedding!! These guys are in the perfect business, they are real people who care and love what they do... All of my family and friends definitely noticed the attention and care the staff had for them.

I also have to mention that we received a beautiful wedding cake (included in our package) which was delicious! the Food was great and the drinks were top shelf! I could not have asked for anything better.

Thank you Villa Russo!!

~ Lillian & Phillip Yagaul ~
May 26, 2015


To All The Staff, Thank you for giving my daughter Brianna a beautiful party for her Sweet 16 on August 30.
The service is unbelievable! Every time I have a party there, it feels like I am dealing with family.

We were waited on hand and foot! The teens in the Court told me how nice the waiters were when they were upstairs waiting to come down.

Even one waiter walked them to the bathroom! The food, well there are no words accept for two “amazing and a lot”!

This is why I keep coming back. Had my wedding 23 years ago and all 3 of my daughters parties!

Thank you especially to Jennifer for putting up with my phone calls and for the BEST Matri’D, KIM! and for Mr. George Russo after all these years, keeping in it my neighborhood and still providing the best food and service! THANK YOU!

~ Joann Contorno ~
August 30, 2014

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